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Speaker Bios

Dr Adelaide Schumann completed her anaesthetic training in South Australia as part of the SA/NT Rotational AnaesthesiaTraining Scheme. She is currently undertaking her fellowships at Flinders Medical Centre in liver transplant / hepatobiliary anaesthesia and vascular anaesthesia. Her interests include analgesic strategies for upper GIT / hepatobiliary anaesthesia as well as teaching FANZCA primary course material. While studying for her fellowship exam in 2017, Dr Schumann was involved in an MVA resulting in a prolonged return to work period. She is passionate about raising awareness around difficulties in returning to practice in anaesthesia after injury and how this process can be facilitated by involving the wider anaesthetic community. 


Dr Allan Cyna is a Paediatric and Obstetric Anaesthetist and researcher at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He is Chair of the Communication in Anaesthesia Special Interest Group of ANZCA and President of the Australian Society of Hypnosis. His PhD was on the effects of hypnosis on pain. He has developed a special interest in paediatric burns anaesthesia and the use of hypnosis as an adjunct to anaesthesia care - particularly in the management of anxiety and pain. Allan has published widely, including as Editor in Chief of The Handbook of communication in anaesthesia & critical care.


Associate Professor Andrew Pearce is a Pre Hospital and Retrieval Physician and Clinical Director with MedSTAR retrieval service as well as an Emergency Medicine and Trauma Consultant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Andrew is an active RAAF Aeromedical specialist reservist and an AusMAT team leader with several overseas deployments. Andrew has academic positions at James Cook University and is an examiner for Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in retrieval medicine.


Dr Brendan Dougherty is a Respiratory &Sleep Physician in Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, Australia.  He has specialist expertise in the diagnosis and management of thoracic malignancy, following fellowships in thoracic oncology in  Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK and the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada. Originally fromScotland, he has called Australia home since 2007. He provides a pleural service at Flinders Medical Centre, with a special interest in thoracic ultrasound. 


Dr David Papendorf is a South African trained Anaesthetist and Intensivist. He moved to Australia in 2009 and has worked as aSenior Staff Specialist, at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Adelaide, ever since.His special interests include critical care and patient blood management. David served as 1 of 3 South Australian clinicians on the National Blood ManagementCollaborative which ran from January 2015 to January 2017. He currently serves as the Chairman of the South Australian & Northern Territory RotationalAnaesthesia Training Scheme selection committee and is the co-clinical lead on the Standard 7 Blood and Blood Products Committee at the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

Dr Francis Lockie is a paediatric emergency and retrieval physician working at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and MedSTAR in Adelaide.  He trained in London and Sydney and recently enjoyed a stint on the faculty at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.  He is interested in emergency airway management and currently co-chairs the WCH airway safety group.  He is an active APLS instructor and enjoys teaching on the annual instructor course in Sri Lanka.  He is a persistent surfer, although usually confined to the shallows, nervously watching his teenage kids ‘out the back’.


Professor Guy Ludbrook is Professor of Anaesthesia at the University ofAdelaide and Royal Adelaide Hospital. His expertise covers neuropharmacology, medical devices, anaesthesia, clinical trials, anaesthetic and analgesic drugs, drug delivery and health services. He is published widely in scientific literature with a particular focus on pharmacology and is involved in the planning and management of many early phase pharmacological trials, including first-in-human trials of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs.


Dr Johanna Somfleth is a senior anaesthetic consultant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide. She completed herAnaesthetic Training in three countries, Wales, Germany and Australia. She immigrated to Australia in 1999.  Her clinical and academic interests relate to total intravenous anaesthesia, airway management, acute pain management, auditing clinical outcomes and teaching. As part of the clinical trial network (CTN) she is conducting multi-centre, international clinical trials; currently ROCKET, POISE 3 and CHEWY. She is involved in teaching the Essential Pain Management Program in Papua New Guinea. She is a cofounding director of Extended Global Medical Training and convening the Adelaide Anaesthesia Festival has been a long-term goal since her first visit to the Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival in 1988.  


Dr Lorimer Moseley is Director of IIMPACT in Health, Professor of Clinical Neurosciences, CEO of Pain Revolution and Chair of PainAdelaide. He is a pain scientist, clinician and educator. He has written over 340 research articles, 5 books on pain and has delivered over 40 named and plenary lectures at major international meetings. In 2019 he was judgedAustralia’s leading scientist in ‘pain or pain management’. He has wonAustralia’s most prestigious prize for Innovation and Potential Transformation in Health, the International Association for the Study of Pain’s inauguralClinical Science Prize, and the American Pain Society’s Prize for PublicService. He is an Honorary Fellow of the FPMANZCA, a Fellow of the AustralianAcademy of Health & Medical Sciences and an NHMRC Principal ResearchFellow.

Dr Mark Boesch is a consultant Anaesthetist at the RoyalAdelaide Hospital and works in private practice in Adelaide.  After working in Darwin and the UK he completed his rotational training at the John HunterHospital in Newcastle prior to moving to Adelaide for his final fellowship.  His clinical interests include regional anaesthesia, anaesthesia for neurosurgery and ophthalmology and acute pain management.

Dr Patrick Feeney trained in medicine at University College London before moving to Australia to pursue an interest in Emergency Medicine. Having worked in New South Wales, Darwin and Victoria he became a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine in 2008. Shortly after, he settled in Adelaide and enjoys working in a department which sees a large number of high acuity patients. Special interests include resuscitation, ultrasound, teaching, and the use of technology in medicine. A degree in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics continues to prove useful in his clinical work and in helping to institute and manage change.


A/Prof Roelof van Wijk is a Dutch Anaesthetist and Pain Specialist. After he finished his Anaesthetic training in TheNetherlands in 1992, he worked at the University Medical Centre of Utrecht and at the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam. His PhD research in the late nineties involved minimal invasive procedures in the treatment of chronic low back pain, with a particular focus on radio frequency lesioning techniques. He immigrated to Adelaide, Australia in 2004. He took up the position as Head of the Department of Anaesthesia at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2007. He is a Visiting Specialist at the Central Adelaide Local Health Network PainManagement Unit and holds a Clinical Associate Professor position at theUniversity of Adelaide. His clinical and academic interests relate to total intravenous anaesthesia, invasive pain management techniques, psychology and pain, and clinical data management systems.


Dr Samantha Tong is a cardiothoracic anaesthetist in Adelaide. Sam trained at St George Hospital in Sydney followed by post-graduate fellowships in London at The Heart Hospital (now Parts Hear Centre), Harefield Hospital and University College London. Sam currently works as a staff specialist anaesthetist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and in private practice. Sam’s interests are cardiothoracic anaesthesia, echocardiography, clinical hypnosis and paradigm shifts in healthcare leadership.


Dr Shona Osborn is a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal AdelaideHospital. After an undergraduate degree and Honours in neurophysiology, she entered medicine with the aim of becoming a neurologist. Anaesthesia lured her away, but she has maintained her love of all things brain-related by sub-specialising in neuro-anaesthesia. She has particular interests in anaesthesia for aneurysm surgery, acute ischaemic stroke, pain after craniotomy and TIVA.


Dr Yasmin Endlich is a consultant anaesthetist; working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and in private practice throughout Adelaide. Her interests include management of the difficult airway in paediatric and adult patients, anaesthesia for trauma patients, anaesthesia data incidence reporting via webAIRS, regional anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and third world aid. She is a cofounding director of Extended Global Medical Training and convening the Adelaide Anaesthesia Festival.

ALS facilitator

Dr Cameron Main is a specialist anaesthetist at RoyalAdelaide Hospital. Major interests in anaesthesia for trauma and general surgical emergencies. Regular elective spinal, hepatobiliary and ENT lists. He has been a consultant anaesthetist for 9 years with prior experience in remote general practice and aeromedical retrievals. He has a strong interest in medical simulation, instructing EMAC courses and running regular ALS updates for junior doctors. Personally he is looking to combine his love of remote and wild places with developing interest in photography.

Anaphylaxis facilitator

Dr Nanjappais is a Senior Consultant Anaesthetist at The QueenElizabeth Hospital in South Australia. He is a Member of ANZAAG (AustraliaNew Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group) and has worked in the field for 10years.

ASBD facilitator

Dr Johanna Somfleth (see above)

Dr Joanna Wood is an emergency physician with previous experience in remote general practice. Her professional interests include simulation, clinical education and emergency paediatrics in the general ED.

CICO facilitator 

Dr Yasmin Endlich (see above)


Major Haemorrhage facilitator

Dr Paul Richards is a staff specialist in the Southern Adelaide LocalHealth Network. His special interests are Liver Transplant Anaesthesia, the use of viscoelastic testing in haemorrhage and regional anaesthesia.

Kids Taught Life Support

Romy Ottens is working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital for 24 years now. There she plays an active role in staff and student development. She is also the director of "Kids Taught Life Support", an innovative and interactive educational program for children.


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