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Adelaide Anaesthesia Festival 2020 - Impressions

Thank you!

The first Adelaide Anaesthesia Festival has been a tremendous success, and we were both honoured and humbled by the responses and feedback we have received. It was fantastic to be able to line up such an incredible cast of presenters and workshop facilitators who have dedicated so much of their energy to enrich our time together. We would also like to recognise our volunteers who ensured everything was running smoothly across the two days. As you may know, some of them were medical students, and we are sure they will all one day become esteemed colleagues. When talking about the Festival, we, of course, need to mention the World Class facilities we have available at the University of Adelaide. Truly state of the art but what makes it even better is the outstanding team that takes care of them. We were also very appreciative for all the support our sponsors have provided, and it was delightful to see the amount of interaction between industry and our delegates this has sparked. Ultimately, however, all of our efforts would have been in vain without you, our delegates. It was a privilege to have you, and we are looking forward to February 2022 when we will see you again.The whole event has left us with a significant budget to support underprivileged medical staff, and we cannot wait for the COVID 19 crises to fully be in control so we can put plans into motion.

We will keep you posted. Once again, thank you for your support and see you all soon.

Dr Yasmin Endlich, Dr Johanna Somfleth and Christian Endlich


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